Thursday, September 23, 2010

Urut Badan : R n R at shopping complex

Yesterday we went for lunch at Tesco Penang. Late lunch to be exact. We stumble up with this so called RnG (actually Rest and Go) corner where they put four units of Gintell massage chair. Its next to the Pizza Hut.

Apa lagi .. kita pun try jer.

Ada minah tu massage sampai dua kali.

I dont think that this is new. Cuma kami baru jumpa saja. And my wife is planning to become a regular customer there.

hmm ... para sahabat r.a. dahulu ada amalkan bekam .. mengurut ada tak?

Ada apa-apa nak komen?


Brigitte Rozario said...

My name is Brigitte Rozario and I'm a journalist with The Star. I write for The Star's parenting website -

I found your blog by accident when I was searching for triplets and Malaysia.

Can I interview you on what it's been like to have triplets?

I am hoping to interview another parent who also has triplets.

Azrul Hj. Alwi said...

Sure madam. Gladly. Thanks for your interest. I've emailed my phone number to brigitteDOTrozarioATgmailDOTcom, found at