Monday, October 11, 2010

10.10.10 - Ben 10 ..

A Ben-10 fan and Sheikh Muzaffar fan in the same house would argue over 2 channels on 10.10.10 ... Astro 616 (Cartoon Network) showed Ben 10 for 24 hours while "Persandingan Kayangan" of Shiekh Muzafar is one Tv3 ... hahaha .. gaduh...gaduh.

A few things that children doesnt know about Ben-10 is that .. he using the voice of Tara Strong, a 37 year old female voice actress... huhuhu .. kena tipu. Bukan suara budak-budak pun. Its a makcik.

Meanwhile the elder version of Ben-10 (Ben 10 Alien Force and Ben 10 Ultimate Alien) is using the voice of Yuri Lowenthal.

I dont like the new Ultimate SpiderMonkey character. It just doesn't look alien, it looks like a mutan Gorilla comparing with the other ultimate character.

Ben is Benjamin .. Benjamin or (Bunyamin in Arabic) is the name of Joseph a.s. (Nabi Yusof) younger brother. Sila ruju tafsir surah Yusof.
Ada apa-apa nak komen?

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